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By 1991 the USSR closed the doors of its Nuclear Warhead Storage facility and a military base near the historic town of Juterbog within the Brandenburg district. Thirty-one years later, we reopen the doors of the soviet-titled OBJEKT 4000 nuclear bunker to welcome artistic dissent and the antithesis of what this space was designed for.

We now invite artists to interact with the space and its history to re-imagine our shared togetherness during the current turbulent times through an intersectional lens and dynamic collaboration.


Open Call Year 0:

Everything you need to know

Theme: Reclamation

Our three-day curated group show aimed for the early fall 2022, welcomes artwork in response to themes of political diaspora and reclamation of space, as well as the broad spectrum of frictions associated with the physical, mental and emotional container that OBJEKT4000 represents today.

We are embracing solo works and collaborative site-specific projects that aspire to recondition the space through a critical lens and unexpected and curious perspectives.

We encourage the artists to ask themselves:

What is the role of an artist in times of recurring crisis and wartime?


What is an artist’s weapon in the face of these events?

Everything you need to know

How can an artwork translate the current and past aggregated terrains that were deemed a war machine into a productive ground for re-envisioning the world we inhabit at present and the future we want to build together?

The notion of space

bears weight both historically, emotionally, and sociopolitically.

The gravity around this should be treated with integrity.

In terms of repurposing the space, the artists will be allowed to interpret and freely display their theoretical and practical ideas through a critical lens


Everything you need to know

The submission deadline for the open call is Tuesday, Sep 20th. Link to open call form. Artists are asked to submit an artist bio and a maximum of TWO artistic works in video or image formats (JPG, MP4, etc.), along with the explanation of the pieces.

We will notify selected artists by Friday, Sept 23rd To familiarise the team with the site-specific conditions, selected applicants will be invited on an optional trip to the bunker. Artists will also be provided with a technical rider, including multiple multichannel audio systems, projectors for video art, tentatively, a wave field synthesizer, tools, etc.


We give preference to artists working with materials and mediums that create zero permanent waste within our exhibition location. We welcome artworks that are intended for the bunker and military case and can stay in space year-round

Our production and logistic crew will help artists handle spatial objects, mu. These multi-channel audio-visual pieces need to be hung from load-bearing walls and ceilings, and outdoor works (if semi-permanent/permanent).

Everything you need to know

OBJEKT 4000 is located approximately 1.5 hours south of Berlin via public transportation and by car. For heavy materials and tools, transportation will be provided.

We are a non-for-profit and volunteer-run community of creatives, and this year's event at bunker is the first in the series of art projects and events we envision for the future.

As a young organization with a non-hierarchical structure and radical financial transparency, this year, we will only be able to cover the costs related to providing selected equipment (please review our technical rider) and cover art handling and logistics.

At this moment, we do not have a defined artist payment plan. We are currently in conversation with non-corporate sponsors to be able to honor the participant artists' works.



Laurato Figola


Expert in event planning with more than 15 years of experience

Former manager of 5 major nightclubs and owner of cultural center in Buenos aires, Argentina

Daniel Holland-Letz

Event organization & business development

Capabilities & Insights Specialist at McKinsey & Company

Found its passion in making people happy through techno events

Sophie Augello

Social media & content management

Event organizer, Project & Content Manager from Italy, living and working in Berlin.

Enzo Dinolfo

Visual designer

License ship in visual communication design from FFBA UNLP

Internationally published photographer and film maker

Santiago Burelli

Curator, Artistic & Managing Director

Artist whose practice spans various mediums including documentary filmmaking, sound installation, sculpture, and even fringes on popular music genres of techno, electronica, and film score.

Lena Pozdnyakova

Research fairy

Early-stage researcher in the Institute of Art History, at Freie University. For the past 8 years, she has worked as curator at Studio106LA gallery (on-site and virtual gallery) and served as program coordinator at xLAB research lab at UCLA.

Kim Wichera

Curator, event coordinator

Sound artist and activist whose practice is dedicated to the mechanisms of social inclusion & exclusion, drawing connections between artistic and non-artistic discourses through the use of video projections, voice, movement and installations.

Sara Grötsch

Many traits illusionist

Interdisciplinary artist exploring mainly the topics of perception, how we live together, and the playful essence of being human. Experience on exhibition and experience design for different museums and events in Germany and Spain.

Syntia Sara Birgele

Web designer

Software architect, engineer, choreographer and tech artist, teacher at ReDI School of Digital Integration.

Nathan Stone

Curator, event coordinator, artist

Multi-disciplinary artist, musician and designer.


Sound pirate

Multimedia, sound artist.

George Taylor

Marketing & Communications

Communications and events logistics

Juan Pablo de Lucca

Sound tech, artist

Juan Pablo de Lucca is an Argentinian composer, producer and pianist based in Berlin.

Lio Mondano

Game Designer

Juan Pablo de Lucca is an Argentinian composer, producer and pianist based in Berlin.